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Vacation Bible School Heroes Of Faith

VBS is around the corner, and if you are like the majority of churches,  you probably have not figured out what to do for Vacation Bible School. We’ve all been there. We work in churches where we don’t necessarily always want to buy a VBS in a box (literally) but be more creative to come up with resources our kids will really enjoy. In surveying thousands of churches, before we created SharefaithKids, we wanted to know how we could tie the knot between Sunday School and VBS, so you don’t have to purchase 2 curriculums all the time. So here it is! Our quickest and simplest way for you to use Sharefaith Kids and turn it into a simple and easy to prepare VBS that your kids will love! Take a look…

Your easiest Vacation Bible School Yet- Using SharefaithKids!


Some VBS programs are only a few days and others last for an entire week. Figuring out what theme would work is probably the first thing you need to do. How about taking them on an epic adventure with Heroes of the Faith?. Based on Hebrews 11, you’ll get to teach the kids about the real action heroes of the Bible. You can assure the kids that these heroes have as much power as Flash, Superman and Batman. Just greater in every way!  

Vacation Bible School Lessons


SharefaithKids has over 85+ premium bible driven lessons packed with relevant and applicable curriculum activities. Want to teach one lesson a day? Pick your favorite 5 lessons! Want to teach 3 lessons a day? Pick all 15! You can customize our lessons to your teaching style. And the best part, each of these lessons come with award-winning videos along with a host of other amazing teacher resources. BONUS! If you’re not the planning type, download our FREE Vacation Bible School schedule template. • Includes a 5-day VBS overview. • Customize by assigning your own times to each event. • A great visual resource to printout and then handout to your team!

Vacation Bible School Curriculum


Don’t do any VBS unprepared. Don’t “wing” it. Prepare. Teaching kids about God is a wonderful and profound ministry. Take it serious! Each Sharefaith Kids lesson comes with a professionally written curriculum that is Biblical, easy to understand, and relevant to your kids. This means that, with a few moments spent in our curriculum, you will be able to confidently teach your children the story of Noah, David, Samson, and many, many more!

Vacation Bible School Printouts


Kids love to run, jump, and play, they also love to write, color, cut, and create. With every Sharefaith Kids lesson, you will get a host of print-outs your kids will love. There’s no need to go searching online for coloring pages, mazes, crosswords, and spot-the-difference printouts. You’ll get all of these and more included with each Sharefaith Kids lesson.

Vacation Bible School Activities


Activities is a must! This summer, our kids need to hear about Jesus, but they also need to get their wiggles out. Sharefaith Kids lessons all include interactive activities that help reinforce the lesson you will be teaching. If you’re teaching about Abraham following God by faith, why not breakout for a blindfolded obstacle course? And what brings the lesson of Jacob wrestling with God to life like a game of Thumb War?

Vacation Bible School Memory Verse


Vacation Bible School is more than free summer daycare. At its core, it is an opportunity for teachers and volunteers to be a part of transforming a child’s life. And nothing transforms a life more than the Word of God. This is why every Sharefaith Kids lesson comes with a memory verse that gets to the heart of your teaching. This memory verse is just one of the many slides included in our groundbreaking lesson presenter.

Vacation Bible School Big Idea


VBS is wild, crazy, energetic summer fun. However, at the end of a teaching, you want to leave your kids with a big idea that they can take home. We get it, and that’s why every Sharefaith Kids lesson comes with a big idea for you to sum your lesson up. These big ideas are a great way for you to build the outline of your Vacation Bible School. Pick 5 to 15 big ideas that you like, organize them, and then teach them in the order you like best!

Vacation Bible School Intro Video


Vacation Bible School is a big undertaking and it can be easy to lose the forest for the trees. In the busyness of planning and scheduling, we can forget the purpose of VBS: Sharing the Good News of Jesus with our little ones. All Sharefaith Kids lessons come with an intro video from our Kids Director. These encouraging videos remind you of the heartbeat behind each lesson, and help keep your eyes on the prize as you plan out this summer event.


Vacation Bible School is not a one-person-show. To do it well, you will need a strong team of volunteers to give a helping hand. It’s critical that this team understands what you will be doing for VBS and are excited to be a part of it. Once you’ve organized your VBS, invite your team to an evening get-together where they can watch each lesson video, talk over each lesson’s big idea, and get fired up for this amazing week of ministry!

Vacation Bible School Promotional Materials


VBS is something you need to let your kids, parents and community hear about! Promote, promote some more, and then promote again. Nothing helps promote like some eye-catching visuals. Let us help. We believe in the mission of VBS, so as our free gift to you, here is a pack of digital promotional resources. In this pack, you will find PowerPoint slides, posters, cover sheets and flyer templates. The opportunity to share Jesus with kids is one of the great privileges God affords us. This summer, make the most of this opportunity! If you’ve never done VBS before, this is the summer to give it a try. If you’ve done VBS before, perhaps this is the summer to take it to another level. Sharefaith Kids would love to play a role in your Vacation Bible School!