About Church

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide intentional and relevant content and media of myriad types, in effort to equip the people in ministry with insights, processes, and affirmation of their calling for their individual and Kingdom-building benefit.

About Church Relevance

ChurchRelevance.com serves pastors and church leaders by offering valuable advice and guidance from trustworthy Christian leaders. By delivering engaging articles, podcasts, and videos, the site strives to battle burnout and reignite passions. A high-quality course shop furthers this mission by training and equipping ministry leaders. Additionally, a supportive online community supplements the site and encourages vital dialogue amongst leaders who benefit from sharing and being encouraged by others.

Our Vision

Ministries, and specifically the individuals called to serve in ministry, have been called to lead individuals into a knowing relationship with Christ since the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) was first delivered. These same individuals are under attack and often feel isolated and abandoned. It is our privilege and onus to provide rich, affirming, and enhancing resources to not only equip these individuals for success, but re-solidify that initial calling. We seek to connect with the world’s most faithful servants of God, using a format of rich media delivered in consumable vignettes and broader mediums to provide beneficial resources to this global ministry.

Core Values

Christ-followers first

We center on storytelling- We believe that stories have been told since the beginning of time and we seek to add an authentic “story narrative” to every article and resource we provide. We allow other church leaders to tell their stories and believe in the power of storytelling.

Building Strong Communities

Our goal is to encourage pastors and church leaders to build strong communities within their congregations and within their communities as pastors and church leaders. We do that by providing them with the tools, modeling it within our own organization, and sharing success stories from like-minded churches and ministries.

Building Ministry Leaders

Ministry leaders often feel isolated and alone. They deal with tough situations, which they don’t always feel equipped to handle. We want them to feel encouraged, refreshed, empowered, and a general sense that we care for them as leaders.

Church Relevance Digital Delivery

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