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Lessons from Seminary and Church Planting with Pastor Sam Choi

Pastor Sam Choi shares his ministry journey and explains how expectations often differ from reality. His story is one of a transition from idolizing ministry and wanting to prove himself to integrating his family into his ministry and achieving a healthy balance, which he feels has empowered their church plant in the community. He now sees that evolution as part of God’s plan to help us grow in our ministry.

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The Challenge of Being Loved by Christ and Loving Like Christ with Bob Fabey

Pastor Bob Fabey, author of NotMyJesus, expounds on how it takes actual work to portray Jesus as the Bible does. He explains how we need to have love at the forefront of our minds and not get caught up in the “debate of the day.” What flows out of our love is cultural engagement to further the gospel.

Balancing Family, Ministry and Seminary with Pastor Clayton Mullins

Pastor Clayton Mullins, Youth and Local Missions Pastor at Grantswood Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, discusses the importance of balancing family, ministry and seminary. Mullins holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies at Southeastern Bible College and an Missiology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He describes his own experience in hospitality and ministry, and shares revelations about the role family plays in ministry life.


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