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Dad jokes. You know when you hear one, because they make you cringe, roll your eyes, and leave you speechless at how bad the jokes truly are. For those of us who had dads with that characteristic deadpan sense of humor, we know these jokes all too well. Typically the only one who laughs at these jokes are the joke tellers, themselves.

Top Dad Jokes: Funny Father’s Day Video For Church

While dad jokes may not make us laugh, they hold a special place in our heart as we can remember our own dads telling us terrible jokes while thinking they were very punny. (Get it? We just made a joke there)

We gathered over 20 fathers at a local church in Southern Oregon and asked these men to read dad jokes (including some Bible jokes) on camera for the first time. We wanted to capture their raw, authentic reaction on camera. And their reactions,… well they made for a very hilarious video! Watch below and find out for yourself.

This funny video is perfect to show at your Father’s Day church service, men’s retreat, or conference, and gives you a fun way to celebrate the fathers in your church! Download this video from and make your congregation burst out in laughter!