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Creating a church stage design isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each church is unique and has its own style and culture. A great church stage design can help to set the tone and prepare people to worship. So to inspire you to be the best you, we’ve collected the best church stage designs of 2017, 2018, and 2019. Hopefully, these will strike you to create a unique stage design that will make a huge impact!

2017 Creative Church Stage Designs

Origami Stage

This creative stage design comes from Casa de Adoración Jabes. They wanted to make an impact during their congregation’s 13th Anniversary Conference. Elegance was their main priority. They also wanted to prioritize a visually appealing background for their worship sets.

Wood Burning

This creative stage design comes from The Door Fellowship. By using wooden slabs, they were able to creatively burn unique designs specific to their church.

Yarn on Yarn

Yarn on Yarn was created for SpringHill Camps. For their annual women’s conference, they decided to give their backgrounds a feminine touch by using yarn to create a truly spectacular background!

String Art

The idea of using string as art made a big appearance a few years ago and is still a big hit today. This String Art masterpiece was created for Lafayette Community Church. A great background for speakers and worship artists alike.

Rainbow Beauty

This creative stage background design comes from Blue Ridge Community Church. Using white panels put together, this church was able to create a beautiful backdrop that can change colors by simply using their church’s lighting.

2018 Creative Church Stage Designs


Using simple drapery, University Covenant Church created a unique experience as all lines in this backdrop drawn to and from the cross. This is a great way to be efficient with finances and create a remarkable background.

LED A-Frame

Desiring to look like an A-Frame chapel, Christian Faith Center created a distinct piece that strategically softens LED tape.


The Fellowship Round Rock created a simple and elegant background by simply using wooden slabs. This background is simple and allows viewers eyes to relax because of each soft line.


This unique piece comes from Evergreen Christian Community. Their desire was to frame their main screen so it was a focal point for their audience. Using bulbs in wooden slabs, they were able to create a piece that can be easily changed with a reconfiguration of each bulb.

Reach Out

Jubilee Fellowship Church has the mission to “Reach Out” as a church. They’ve incorporated this into their church stage design as well. The simplicity of using lights along with sending a message to “reach out” is a brilliant idea!

2019 Creative Church Stage Designs

Balloon Art

Using a popular technique of clustered balloons, New Hope Seattle Foursquare is keeping up with the times. The simplicity of this design combined with the idea that many churches have individuals in their congregations who can create such beauty is a great idea for any church under tight budgets.

Cardboard Cutouts

St. Matthew Lutheran Church found a great way to reuse cardboard. By projecting a design to each piece of cardboard, they were able to sketch a unique design on each piece. When they put the design together, it forms the cross Jesus wore on the cross.

LED Letters

Cutting out letters on foam boards, Église CMEI created a distinct, yet powerful stage design by lining each letter with LED lights. This is a great idea for churches that dim their lights during worship sets or during sermons.

Lights Lights Lights

Asbury Church used a powerful rendition of block letter lights combined with hanging lights framing their church’s screen. This is a great way to highlight a specific word or phrase of a sermon series.

Hanging Cross

This creative stage design was created at Victory Family Church. Using string lights hung from the rafters and placing one large cross in the middle, all messages point to the cross. This is a powerful way to put the acts of Jesus on display.