Whether you feel called to the mission field or not, interacting with those who are serving is an incredible opportunity. One way you can do this is to glean inspiration from missionary blogs. With today’s technology, missionaries have the ability to share — in real-time — how the Lord is working through their ministry. 

While blogging, especially missionary blogging, is a relatively new phenomenon, recording missionary journeys dates all the way back to Paul’s ministry. Three of Paul’s missionary journeys are recorded in the New Testament. These serve as encouragement and inspiration for many missions today. Missionary blogs are the modern-day method for following anyone that is called to spread the message of Christ across the world. 

Take a look at the benefits of following these blogs as well as a few truly inspiring missionary blogs below.

Benefits of Reading a Missionary Blog 

Reading missionary blogs can provide insight into the mission field. You can follow missionaries in almost every country and see what they experience. Furthermore, these blogs may share information about forthcoming opportunities to serve. If you feel called but remain unsure, you will find encouragement — and perhaps a starting point — by reading these accounts. 

Inspiring Missionary Blogs

Ethnos 360 

This is the most comprehensive blog on our list. Ethnos 360 gathers blog posts from their active missionaries, such as Chris and Maggie Hostetter. You can read epic accounts of grace and faith and the intimate thoughts from the missionaries experiencing them. 

Maggie, for example, summarizes one story in relation to her own faith. “It seemed that the people didn’t need to think twice about letting him ferry them across a river they would never attempt to cross alone. It made me think: Do I trust as much as those people? When I am confronted by an obstacle that seems insurmountable — maybe even dangerous — do I hold my arms out and step in and trust that God will bring me through?” – Maggie Hostetter, Deep and Wide

Teacups in the Jungle 

Missionary Philippa Brooks shares her family’s story on this blog. One of her posts describes her feelings before moving her family from one mission location to another. She says “As much as I know the big picture of where the Lord wants us — I stress so much about coloring between the lines. What I meant was, I have peace about the big move and what we are doing, but I worry and fret over all the details of how we will get there and all that involves.” 

Philippa shares a bit more about these feelings of uncertainty with these words of encouragement: “The truth is, I know so well that God will take care of us, that He has a plan for each day of our lives and that He will provide for our every need. I know this because I believe what He says is true.” – Philippa Brooks, Preparing Our Children to See God’s Glory

A Life Overseas 

This blog is published by a team of writers who share their missionary journeys to inspire and create a space for community. It covers topics like practical mission tips, preparing for first-year missionary work, and faith-based discussions. 

One especially inspiring post by Anna Glenn addresses the question “Why do you keep going back?” She gives a myriad of reasons for her return to the mission field and concludes with this: “I am going back to Liberia because I feel called to go back, but I’m also going back because it is my desire to go back. God has given me a desire to serve the poor, to teach agriculture, and to share the good news of His salvation. He has placed those desires on my heart as I have sought to delight myself in Him and His presence. He has and is giving me the desires of my heart; they are fully His and yet they are fully mine all at the same time. Finally, there is no juxtaposition here.” – Anna Glenn, Why Do You Keep Going Back?

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