Christmas — it’s the most wonderful time of year, but also one of the busiest. Christmastime in the church usually brings special services, outreach opportunities, and celebrations galore. Adding a church office Christmas party to that mix can feel overwhelming, but it can also be a great way for your team to step back from the craziness, relax, and reconnect in an informal environment.  

If you are considering a church office Christmas party for your ministry team this year, use these five steps to help you start your church office party planning.

5 Steps to Planning a Memorable Church Office Christmas Party 

1. Start Planning Your Church Office Christmas Party Early 

Consider scheduling the party earlier in the month. This ensures the party will not compete with congregational events that staff will be planning and working. Establish a budget early on to make sure this doesn’t fall to the wayside since it’s at the end of the year. Decorate to set the mood, and secure volunteers to serve the staff and take care of things that would normally fall on their shoulders. 

2. Make Your Church Office Christmas Party Fun 

Place an emphasis on this being a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. If the staff feels unified, stresses from the crazy holiday season will feel less heavy. Plan fun activities for the staff to participate in such as a gift exchange, ugly sweater contest, or gingerbread house decorating. Put together a slideshow of fun moments from throughout the year. Make sure to highlight photos of your staff participating in the activities. Bonus: Your slideshow segways into the next point…

3. Emphasize Appreciation for a Year of Work Well Done/Set Vision for Upcoming Year

One of the things employees appreciate most is hearing how their roles have positively impacted an organization. Use this time to show gratitude and appreciation for all your staff does to keep the church running well. Discuss ways their role is important in the vision of the church for the upcoming year. 

4. Work on Building Community to Power Through the Busiest Month

Church office Christmas parties are a great way to build a sense of unity and camaraderie that is vital to a well-run team. December is often one of the busiest months for churches. A team that works well together is absolutely crucial. 

5. Get Your Focus Right – Make Christ the Priority 

You and your staff share a passion and call to serve Jesus. Remember that Christmas is first and foremost about Christ. Secularism and materialism overwhelm and attempt to distort this truth. While the suggestions above will help you pull off an enjoyable, team-building Christmas party, they are meaningless if Christ loses His centrality. Celebrate the most joyous part of Christmas — Jesus Christ  — and the glorious gospel of his birth, life, death, and resurrection. 

Need some inspiration? These three churches do a great job of celebrating their staff during the Christmas Season. 

Real Church Office Christmas Celebrations

  • Calvary Chapel in Tucson, Arizona is mixing things up for their staff Christmas celebration this year. Typically, they host a lunch or party for all the staff, but this year they are including volunteers as well. Anyone who works in a ministry within the church is welcome to gather and celebrate Christmas together. 
  • Tri County Baptist Association hosts a special Christmas dinner for ministers and their spouses. There is an opportunity for attendees to have formal photos taken and they offer childcare. They also host a Christmas luncheon specifically for church office staff.
  • First Baptist Church in Dallas provides entertainment at their church staff Christmas party by putting on skits and musical acts geared toward their church staff. 

Next Steps

If you need help planning your church office Christmas party and beyond, be sure to check out the resources in the Church Relevance Course Shop