Sermon writing is one of the most identifiable and important parts of a pastor’s job in ministry. Jesus preached constantly to His followers and disciples and set the foundation for a pastor’s job today. There are two critical components of a sermon. First, to base it on sound theology and second, to have a clear purpose of always strengthening your congregation’s understanding of and relationship with God. However, even with years of education and practice, writing sermons can still be a challenging task. 

If you are a pastor struggling to find inspiration in this role, do not become discouraged. We’ve come up with a list of preaching resources designed to help guide you and inspire you through the sermon development process. 

Resources for Writing Sermons

Sermon Software

In today’s technology inundated world, sermon writing software is a game-changer for pastors. Programs such as Preaching Rocket, give pastors an invaluable number of resources at their fingertips. Logos Bible software is another great tool for gaining access to large amounts of information instantly. These preaching resources are great if you have a topic in mind and just need some guidance on how to set up your sermon, or if you are looking for Biblical truths to help develop it. 


Podcasts provide the option to listen to reference books and commentaries while you go about your daily life. Pop one on while you’re driving to church or mowing the lawn and glean inspiration and information while you work. One resource that is particularly beneficial is the Sermon Brainwave Working Preachers podcast. It provides sermon prompts based on liturgical texts each week. 

Social Media 

A little bit of an unconventional or unexpected resource, but social media can be a valuable sermon prep tool. Utilize it for its intended purpose — to get social. Connect with members of your congregation and other pastors to learn about their struggles or theological questions. You can encourage congregants to submit questions, research trending hashtags on Instagram, and utilize Facebook posts to connect on a more personal level. Social media lets you interact and connect with people, which can be a great for sermon inspiration. 


As technology has advanced, apps have become an increasingly popular resource for study, time and task management, and inspiration. It may seem unconventional, but journaling apps, scripture apps, and task management apps can all help with writing sermons. 


One of the most renowned pastors of all time, Charles Spurgeon, recounts finding inspiration while on his walk to the church. Getting out in nature and connecting with God’s creation is one of the best ways to glean sermon inspiration. God gives so much; all you need to do is stop and listen. Connecting with nature and the world around you is a great way to accomplish that.

The Bible 

While all of these resources are helpful, your ultimate inspiration should always be the living Word of God. If you are struggling with writing sermons, turn first to Christ and gather your inspiration from God’s Word. The great apostle Paul reminded the Corinthians, “For I determined to know nothing among you except Christ Jesus, and Him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2). Costi Hinn, the executive pastor of Mission Bible Church in California, wrote, “So, what else do we need? Combine the greatest pre-game speech, and the most riveting political rally cry and they’d still fall astronomically short of a single word from Jesus.” Nothing is as inspiring and powerful as the simple truth of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. You cannot preach inspiringly to your congregation if you cannot preach it first and foremost to yourself.

Next Steps

Map out which of these resources would work best for you, and dive in! If you are still struggling when writing sermons, make sure to check out all the Preaching Rocket has to offer.