During this episode, we speak with Steve Vincent, author of When Faith Lights the Way. Steve is a successful businessman whose first career spanned thirty-four years in the electric utility industry. In his second career, his efforts have been redirected to provide state of the art electric systems to improve the health and education to the neediest people in the world. 

We talk through pursing what God has called us to do so that faith can light the way. Steve’s initial goal of bringing actual light to a village quickly escalated into bringing electricity to a hospital in Africa. His determination to accomplish what God called him to do are not only encouraging but also a great reminder that “if God is for us, who can be against us?” 

“You have to look at Peter’s situation when Jesus called him to walk on water. As long as he focused on what Jesus was calling him to do, he didn’t have any problems. It’s when he began to think of other things and began to think of the doubts that he began to have the problems.” 

Book Recommendations

  • When Faith Lights the Way – Steve Vincent